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Handweaver in natural fibres on antique looms

Inspired by mountain and sea

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Nell Swift is a weaver, based in the heart of the Peak District. Exclusively using natural fibres and antique looms Fleeting memories are the foundation of Nell’s practice – reminiscent of synesthesia- feeling sun and wind and smelling sea air. Nell weaves sea and mountain, coast and peak, raindrops on rock pools, ripples in sand, moss on walls. Nell’s weaves capture movement, pattern and texture to create textiles embedded with underlying codes and a signficance of place,time and memory.

Autumn trees handwoven cushion in yellow


Cushions & Blankets

Lambswool and Merino


Peak Collection of hand woven scarves inspired by the peak district


Scarves & Wraps

Cotton, Linen and Wool


Coast Collection, inspired by North Yorkshire Coast


Scarves & Cowls

Cotton, Linen & Wool



Coast Collection

Inspired by the North Yorkshire Coast

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Fibonacci gradient warps embed a deeper significance and meaning in nature,  and add resonance as an expression of captured memory, light, sound and smell. Codes and weaving have long history together. Nell finds a sense of calm in staring out to sea and motivates her practice. The way fabric moves preserves those moments of contentment and peace in a unique heirloom textile.

Breaking waves on the North Yorkshire coast.

Deep Blue Sea

A range of beautiful scarves and wraps inspired by the tonal range of the North Sea, using a Fibonacci warp in shades of navy, teal, turquoise and seaspray.

Ewden Moor Merino Scarf in shades of flowering heather and bracken

Ewden Moor

Conjuring the moors in gradient shades of blooming heather and bracken.

Autumn trees handwoven cushion in yellow

Autumn Trees

 The leaves are turning and falling to reveal skeletal trees silhouetted against grey skies. Captured in fine merino lambswool in five autumn shades.

Home Collection

Inspired by the hills and dales of the Peak District and the North Sea, woven in the softest wools

Peak Collection

Inspired by the hills and dales of the Peak District and woven in the softest wools

Weaving the Movies

Taking codes a step further: weaving every frame.


Unique designs woven just for you

Nell is happy to work with you to weave your perfect scarf, blanket or cushion. Please use the contact form below to discuss your requirements.

“Perfect for work. It’s beautiful- thank you!”


“You have such talent and empathy with nature”


Gallery Director

“I am totally bowled over. It is something I will treasure! The workmanship involved is breathtaking. I will love it, always!”


“My Hem scarf is such a precious possession and makes me happy every time I wear it.”


“The cushions arrived- they are so lovely. Beautifully made and much appreciated. I love them!”


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