Coast Collection

Inspired by the rugged cliffs and sheltered villages of the North Yorkshire Coast

Inspired by wild seas and rocky coastline

The coastline around Staithes and Whitby are a source of constant inspiration. The sea is my solace and peace, special time spent with my family and a head full of colour and texture. Born and bred in Yorkshire, the tonal depth of the North Sea and rugged cliffs is hard-wired into my aesthetic, filtered through the lens of Eric Ravilious.

Colour Palette

Sea glass and mussel shells, sand and ocean provide the colour palette for the Coast Collection. Whether working in cotton, wool or linen, the gradients between these colours is the basis for my warps. My drafts are inspired by waves, using different structures from herringbone to complex network twills and Jämtlandsväv or crackle weave, sweeping curves are a recurring feature of this collection.

Watching the amazing crew of the Staithes RNLI practice every week brought its own inspiration. The best tractor I have ever seen tows the inshore lifeboat down the slipway, leaving beautiful tracks. These were my source for my Slipway scarves, which feature a stripe of lifeboat orange. 10% of the sale price is donated to the Staithes lifeboat. 

The Range

Ocean Rain Handwoven Merino Cowl

Ocean Rain Cowl

Pima cotton with a Fibonacci warp in shades from deep navy through turquoise, teal, sea green and natural. Woven in a minature overshot draft.

Deep Blue Sea Merino

Woven in fine merino with a Fibonacci warp in shades from deep navy through turquoise, teal, sea green and natural. Woven in a herringbone twill.

Deep Blue Sea

A silky hand woven scarf in fine cotton. Woven with a Fibonacci sequence gradient  in a classic herringbone draft with a navy mercerised cotton weft. 

A handwoven scarf from the Coast Collection

Ocean Rain Merino Wrap

A wrap in soft cotton and merino in a minature overshot pattern to resemble raindrops on the ocean.

Coast Collection, inspired by North Yorkshire Coast

Ocean Rain

Woven in Pima cotton on a Fibonacci gradient warp and clasped weft in a minature overshot draft..

Raindrops on my Window

A fine Pima cotton scarf in natural and grey woven on a Fibonacci warp with hand manipulated weft to create the effect of raindrops running down a window pane.Approximately 220cm x 30cm.

Coast Collection, inspired by North Yorkshire Coast

Ebb Tide Wrap

A wrap scarf in fine cotton using a Fibonacci graduated warp in a Scandinavian draft called Jämtlandsväv. The twill blocks form a wave pattern and a clasped weft makes the wrap two tone across its width. 

Deep Sea Waves

A handwoven cotton and vintage rayon scarf woven in a Swedish Huck lace draft. Very lightweight, the colours graduate from turquoise through teal into palest sea green and foam white

Vapour Trail

Hand woven in a herringbone draft in soft grey Pima cotton with a turquoise linen stripe.Light and summery, perfect for those sensitive to wool. Approximately 45cm x 210cm

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