Weaving the Movies

Inspired by the silver screen, classic movies and family moments.

Inspired by movie night with my kids

A year ago we installed a home cinema for our boys and girl. Many an evening was filled with drama, laughs and cuddles, making plenty of wonderful memories. One of our favourites was the Marvel movies, and Iron Man was where an amazing 22 movie epic saga began. I love a movie t shirt, but subtly is more my style, so I set out to create a range of textiles for movie night that didn’t involve looking like a billboard.

I came across an amazing public art project in Brooklyn, and a nifty piece of software that takes a colour average of every frame in a movie and lays thin stripes side by side in chronological order- the movie bar coade. This immediately piqued my interest in using codes in my weaving.

And so began my most ambitious project- to weave a whole movie- in silk.

Weaving a movie

Over 1000 threads, in 30 shades of very fine Shantung silk took two weeks to wind. Each thread was woven following the movie bar code.

I chained a 2.5m warp and began threading in a beautiful Jämtlandsväv structure with a wave pattern that gave a sense of flight.


I wove away over three or four weeks to produce a showstopper of a silk scarf, fit for any movie premiere. I love how it has turned out.

Each of my kids has chosen their favourite film for me to weave so that movie night is extra-cosy.

I am planning a range of classic movie blankets in merino and Shetland lambswool. The soft merino will become lap blankets and I am planning Shetland blankets, probably for Brief Encounter and Pride and Prejudice. I may offer a custom option to commission a favourite movie.


The Range

Iron Man Movie barcode scarf woven in silk


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