Home Collection

Inspired by the wild seas of the North Yorkshire Coast and the hills and dales of the Peak District.

Hem scarf in the wilds of Derbyshire

Inspired by wild seas and tree-lined dales

Hem in Swedish means ‘home’. We all have a sense of that special place where we feel we belong- warm, safe, at peace. Long walks, good food, log fires and family, calm and snug. I created a small range of cushions- soon to be expanded to include throws and blankets, that capture that sense of Home.

Colour Palette

Sea glass and mussel shells, sand and ocean, autumn leaves, grey skies, and summer heather provide the colour palette for the Home Collection. Working in merino and Shetland lambswool, the gradients between these two colour schemes forms the basis for my warps. My drafts are inspired by waves, using different structures from herringbone to complex network twills and Jämtlandsväv or crackle weave, sweeping curves are a recurring feature of this collection. 

The Autumn Leaves and Julgran cushions are inspired by Scandinavian designs that I love- you’ll see similar trees throughout Swedish folk textiles going back hundreds of years. These ancient designs were passed down through the generations, as were the textiles they adorned. It’s this timelessness, of family and connectedness that I try to capture in this collection.

The Range

Whitby Harbour

Hand woven in lambswool and cotton in a crackle weave reminiscent of the harbour walls at Whitby. Each cushion has an indigo linen back and zip closure. Comes complete with 18″ cushion pad.
2 Available


Ocean Colour Chart

Hand woven in lambswool from 10 shades of yarn in block doubleweave, a double-sided statement blanket colour chart of the North Sea.


Whitby West Cliff

The partner piece to Whitby Harbour, woven in crackle weave in lambswool, the pattern reminds me of the Crescent on the West Cliff, each cushion has an indigo chambray back and zip closure. Comes complete with 18″ cushion pad.

Ocean Colour Chart

The partner cushions, a generous size featuring one repeat of the colour chart. Backed in indigo denim. 4 available.

Whitby Harbour Blanket

The Matching lap blanket for the Whitby Harbour cushions. The perfect throw for an armchair.


Whitby West Cliff Blanket

 The partner throw to the West Cliff cushions, each blanket measures approx 95cm wide and 230cm long.

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